Enhancing Your Live Stream with Evmux: Guest and Speaker Features

Evmux not only simplifies inviting guests and speakers to your live streams but also offers a dedicated speaker room to enhance their experience. Here’s how to utilize these features effectively.

Difference Between a Guest and a Speaker

  • Guest: Ideal for spontaneous invitations. They join via a simple link, no downloads required. Use dynamic scenes for predefined layouts.
  • Speaker: Planned participants for customized streams. Use pro scenes for greater flexibility and control over the layout and branding.

Inviting Guests

  1. In the Evmux editor, click the Invite Guest icon.
  2. Copy and share the generated link. Guests can join instantly by verifying their camera and microphone.

Inviting Speakers

  1. Go to your dashboard and select Speakers.
  2. Click Add Speaker and input their details (email, name, title, etc.).
  3. Save the information to send an invite.
  4. Assign the speaker to a session (e.g., a town hall).

Customizing Pro Scenes

  1. Add the speaker to the pro scenes dashboard.
  2. Create new scenes and layers to position the speaker, share screens, and customize the presentation.

Speaker Room Experience

Once logged in, speakers see:

  • Their camera feed on the left.
  • Participants and live preview at the bottom.
  • Chat and social comments on the right.
  • Controls to mute, start the camera, adjust settings, share screens, etc.

Speakers can view and interact with social comments and know when they are backstage or live.

Using the Speaker Room for Virtual Meetings

The speaker room isn’t just for live streams. It can also be used for virtual meetings, offering a versatile tool for various online interactions.

By leveraging Evmux’s features, you can ensure a smooth, professional live streaming experience for both you and your guests. For more detailed guides on creating branded scenes, click here.

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