How to Crop Your Camera in Evmux Using Pro Scenes

Evmux’s Pro Scene feature allows for extensive customization, including cropping your camera. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Access Pro Scenes:
    • Log into your Evmux account and enter the live stream studio.
    • Ensure you’re in the Pro Scenes section.
  2. Create or Select a Scene:
    • Either select an existing scene with your camera or create a new empty scene.
    • Click Add Scene > Empty Scene > Create.
  3. Add Your Camera:
    • Click Add New Layer > Speaker > find yourself under Editors.
    • Add your camera to the layer.
  4. Crop Your Camera:
    • Select the camera, go to Style and Effect, and choose Dimensions.
    • Use Stretch to Canvas for freeform cropping.
    • Alternatively, select Crop, then drag corners to adjust the crop area.

With these steps, you can easily crop and customize your camera view in Evmux’s Pro Scenes. For further customization, including setting up a green screen, check out this tutorial.

LAS Curry

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