How to Stream Your Live Broadcast on a Guest’s Social Channels Using Evmux

If you have a guest or speaker joining your livestream and want them to broadcast on their personal channels as well, follow these steps:

  1. Access Evmux Account:
    • Log into your Evmux account.
    • Go to the Studio.
  2. Edit Broadcast Channels:
    • Select Destinations in the top-right corner.
    • Click Add New Destination and choose Custom RTMP.
  3. Add Guest’s Information:
    • Input the guest’s display name and the channel (e.g., YouTube, Facebook).
    • Enter the guest’s server URL and stream key. Your guest can obtain these from their respective streaming platforms.

Getting Stream Information from Platforms


  1. Guest goes to their YouTube Studio.
  2. Selects Create > Go Live > Streaming Software.
  3. Copies the Stream Key and Stream URL to share with you.


  1. Guest logs into their Facebook account.
  2. Goes to Facebook Live Producer.
  3. Selects Go Live > Streaming Software.
  4. Copies the Stream Key and Server URL to share with you.

Final Setup in Evmux

  1. Enter the stream key and server URL into the respective fields in Evmux.
  2. Start the live stream to broadcast on both your and your guest’s channels.
  3. Both parties can see comments from their social platforms in the Evmux editor.

By following these steps, you can easily collaborate with guests and extend your livestream’s reach across multiple channels. For more professional live streams, consider creating branded scenes using Evmux’s features. Check out our tutorial on that for further details.

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