How to Make a Reaction Video and Embed YouTube

Are you an aspiring YouTuber and confused about how to start your channel? Well, you aren’t alone; many people are stuck here. While creating a YouTube can be seen as a simple task, your choice of niche will depend on how demanding it will be. However, reaction video channels can be a great deal.

With 500 hours of videos uploaded per minute, there is endless content you can react to. If you are stuck on where to start, it’s not as complicated as you might think. This guide helps you on how to make reaction videos without violating the copyright.

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What is a YouTube reaction video?

Generally, a reaction video is one in which an individual or group reacts when seeing something for the first time. Thus, a YouTube reaction video is made while showing raw expressions and emotions as you watch another viral video.

There is no restriction as to what you can react to on YouTube. Whether you choose to react to YouTube shorts, movie trailers, gaming videos, or music videos, there is a huge opportunity to establish yourself as a great YouTuber.

Besides doing YouTube react videos, you can also review TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and other social network videos and embed them on YouTube.

Is It Worth Doing Reaction Videos?

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Reaction videos have taken the internet by storm. Actually, these videos have a massive audience due to the creators employing high creativity; raw emotions are commentaries that leave the audience thrilled.

People are often eager to see how others react to certain videos. Of course, how you react is different from another person. This means that once you establish yourself, the audience will be eager to see your reactions whenever there is a new video. The essence of this is that people like shared experiences.

How to Succeed in YouTube Reaction Videos?

Although this segment of YouTube has seen a huge explosion, it also requires strategizing to achieve high success. Some of the crucial things you need to put in place include;

1. Choose Your Niche

One of the key things when starting a YouTube channel is choosing a niche. Of course, you can’t be reacting to any random video. Establishing a niche is essential since people will easily find your video when they search the category.

2. Employ High Creativity and Authenticity

Being yourself is one of the things that will propel your success when doing reaction videos on YouTube. Using intuitive and genuine emotions when watching videos is a huge deal to appeal to your audience. Additionally, being considerate of different age groups will see your channel get more subscriptions and views.

Giving your audience a chance to engage live through live chats and live stream polls can also boost engagement. Through live engagement, you can share live experiences with your audience.

Being authentic and creative also boosts your channel integrity. Always be original and avoid copying or overdoing things. Doing YouTube react live streams also boosts your channel performance since people can build trust and eliminate the notion of scripted content.

3. Invest in The Right Equipment

Investing in the right equipment isn’t negotiable when you are doing YouTube videos. Although the equipment doesn’t need to be expensive, it needs to be reliable and get the job done. You must invest in the best webcams for HD live video streaming or a phone with a good camera. Also, you need a microphone, PC, lighting, video editing software, and a tripod.

Why do people do reaction videos?

The primary purpose of doing reaction videos is to show how you react. However, these videos serve more than reactions. You can use the videos to deliver other points home. You can choose reaction videos as one way of educating your viewers. For instance, if you like science topics, you can react to a video to use it to provide educational content to viewers.

Also, you can incorporate other videos in your livestream to add diversity to your video. When live streaming, you can also engage your audience through live stream chat. Entertaining your viewers is also why you should consider doing reaction videos.

How to Make a Reaction Video and Embed YouTube

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When doing a YouTube reaction video, using a live stream studio is the best way to build viewer’s trust. Usually, to achieve this, it’s vital to ensure you view the video for the first time, as it creates a more authentic reaction. Also, you can record yourself and upload the video later.

Ensure all your gears are set to continue with your reaction video recording. Testing every piece of equipment before going live is essential to ensure a smooth recording process. Also, contact the video owner if they have restricted use of their content to get permission and avoid copyright infringement warnings. Once everything is set, it’s time to get into the action.

  1. Log into your YouTube channel, search for the video you want to review or react to, and copy its URL.
  2. Paste the copied link into your live streaming app, Evmux Generative AI in Live Streaming app. Before proceeding, ensure that your app is well configured to the right settings to fit your preferred video dimensions.
  3. Before going live, testing the app functionality is vital to ensure no hitches during recording. Familiarize yourself with different features in the app for smooth control.
  4. To ensure the app offers perfect recording, it comes with all the controls needed. Use the settings on the app to adjust the speed, volume, and other vital video functions.
  5. While recording, it’s important to engage viewers while recording through the YouTube live chat feature on the top right side to keep them engaged. You can use the feature to answer and interact generally.

Embedding YouTube Shorts

Well, since you know how to embed YouTube videos, you might be wondering how to embed a YouTube short. The process is the same as embedding regular YouTube videos when doing reaction videos.

Embedding YouTube Videos on Twitter

embedding YouTube videos

Sharing your videos is one of the ways to increase viewing and channel popularity. Therefore, you can use other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. But how do you embed a YouTube video on Twitter?

Embedding a YouTube video on Twitter, now called X, is simpler than eating a pawpaw. You only need to click the share button underneath the video and copy the generated code. Open the X app, and in the post area, paste the code and press ‘post.’

Alternatively, you can right-click the video, and a popup will appear. Click on the ‘copy video URL,’ and once copied, you paste it into the post section on X.


Having a reaction video channel on YouTube is great for exploring your passion. These videos allow you to share your genuine feelings about a video with your audience. Additionally, having a reaction channel puts you in a position to diversify your content, attracting huge viewership and subscriptions.

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