Elevate Your Production: Mastering ISO Local Recordings With EVmux

As a content creator, achieving professional studio-quality finishes for your local ISO recordings is crucial! We’ve all experienced it — putting all our effort and passion into a project only to be disappointed by the low-quality audio recording obtained. But do not despair! Today we bring to you an introduction to EVmux. A revolutionary screen and audio capture tool that will change how you look at your local ISO recording forever. 

Here at EVmux, we recognize the struggles that creators face. Managing tight deadlines, ensuring high-quality audio delivery through various channels, and supporting your creative workflow can be overwhelming. This is why we designed an EVmux screen recorder with audio keeping YOU in focus — because we understand that every ISO recording feature should serve your purpose as a creator. 

To Begin With, What is ISO Video Recording? 

ISO Video Recording

An ISO recording is a clean, isolated recording made with a single camera during a multi-camera production. Using a switcher with several inputs and ISO recording software, you may improve the production value of your podcast video and boost editing capability after recording. 

There are several reasons why someone would employ ISO recording

  • ISO recording allows you to personalize your program in post-production. 
  • It can provide you with more stuff to utilize and repackage. 
  • Switch cameras while live video recording in case one breaks and you need a backup. 
  • ISO recording expands the possibilities for editing. 
  • Many podcasters employ ISO recording and numerous Twitch, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live cameras to make their shows more dynamic and interesting for audiences. 

Live video production involves recording your primary program output for dissemination. Most recording software allows you to produce ISO audio and video recordings, allowing you to edit them separately in post-production. 

EVmux: Your One-Stop Shop for Mastering Local Recordings 

Mastering Local Recordings 

Let us tell you what EVmux recording software has in store for you

  • The EVmux recording app delivers effortless multi-channel recording: You can record clear audio from all sources without much ado, and since the synchronization is perfect, you won’t have to worry about aligning them post-production, which consumes a lot of time. 
  • Integration that disappears into thin air: EVmux will become part of your current work system without any hitches, meaning you can start recording straight into the editing program you already love using. No more wasting time transferring files here and there! 
  • EVmux’s editing platform isn’t your typical tool. It is a refined system that allows you to tweak levels, remove background noise, and inject your audio with effects typically found in professional studios—all from one robust application. 

Beyond the Features: The EVmux Advantage 

Advantages of Evmux 

EVmux isn’t just about bells and whistles; it’s about empowering you to tell your stories with the sound quality they deserve. Here are just a few reasons why EVmux sound recording apps are the perfect partner for your local ISO recordings, even if you plan to use them later with a platform like StreamYard for live streaming: 

  • Uncompromising Quality: Experience the difference that crystal-clear, professional-grade audio makes. Amaze your audience and elevate your productions, whether live-streamed or pre-recorded. 
  • Streamlined Workflow: Save precious time and energy with EVmux’s intuitive interface and seamless integration. Focus on what matters most – bringing your creative vision to life, and spend less time wrestling with technical hurdles. 
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Share your ISO recordings easily, fostering smoother collaboration between editors, sound designers, and the entire production team, regardless of the platform they use for final delivery. 
  • Multi-Stream Options: Multi-stream to Facebook and YouTube, as well as other prevalent social and tech platforms.  
  • Revolutionary web-based live streaming and recording studio: With EVmux, there is no requirement to invest in pricey equipment, nor do you have to learn overly technical AV skills. Anyone, anywhere, can create breath-taking experiences at the touch of a button. 
  • Fully Branded Live Streams: EVmux, although user-friendly, is a powerful tool. You can create live streams that go against the competition, and edit any part of your stream using Live Editor tools before the stream, or live! 

What Sets EVmux Apart 

Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our software revolves around content creators, event organizers, and businesses. The result? The ability to create and share seamless, eye-catching content. From engaging sports broadcasts to virtual conferences, the possibilities are endless. 

As well as exceptional technology, we have abundant industry experience. Having started in the event industry, we’re a dab hand at creating memorable moments. To stay with the times, we’ve used this expertise as a foundation to move into the virtual and digital sphere.  

The best part?  

There are now no geographical boundaries. You can create content from anywhere in the world! From local podcasts to global virtual summits, you can connect with audiences anywhere.  

Prices and Packages  

We have two voice and audio recorder packages, each with various options and upgrades. These comprise personal and business packages. Which you opt for depends on your needs and abilities. We’ve listed more of our pricing options below:  

Personal Packages 

voice and audio recorder 

Free: $0 per month  

  • Pro Scene-Builder is limited with this option  
  • 3GB of storage space  
  • Includes apps and widgets 
  • Screen participants are capped at 12 people 
  • Backstage mode available  
  • Full HD (1080P) 
  • Push to talk 
  • A multi-stream option is available for two destinations 
  • Banners are in effect with the free version 
  • Lower-thirds 
  • Tickers 
  • Features integrated chats 
  • Comments can be highlighted 
  • Screen sharing available  
  • Virtual background 
  • Streaming limits are in place  
  • “Powered by evmux,” watermark showcased on downloaded content 

Basic: $19 monthly (if you pay a one-off annual fee, you will save $72). This package features everything the free package does, plus: 

  • Downloads don’t have the “Powered by evmux” logo 
  • Various backgrounds, logos, and overlays to choose from  
  • Slideshow options available  
  • Pre-recorded streams can feature two hours of content  
  • Streams are unlimited  
  • Bespoke RTMP 
  • Multistream option available for four destinations 
  • Custom RTMP 
  • 20GB of storage space 
  • Two Seats available  
  • Transcription features 

Pro: $39 per month (paying a one-off annual fee will save $120). This package features everything the basic package does, plus: 

  • Pre-recorded streams can capture three hours of content 
  • ISO Local recording 
  • Multiple camera features 
  • Web-Source 
  • 320 kbit/s audio 
  • Multistream capped at an impressive nine destinations 
  • 50GB of storage space 
  • Four seats available  

Business Packages  

Basic: $79 per month (paying a one-off annual fee will save $240). This package features everything the personal pro package does: 

  • Pre-recorded streams capturing up to five hours of content  
  • Stream live for up to eight hours a session  
  • 100GB of storage space 
  • Five seats available  
  • evmux Player available for 1000 viewers 

Professional: $239 monthly (if you pay a one-off annual fee, you will save $270). This package features everything the business basic package features, plus: 

  • Pre-recorded streams for up to eight hours 
  • Stream live for up to 10 hours each time 
  • 150GB of storage space  
  • Six seats available  
  • evmux Player available for 10000 viewers 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Check out our bespoke Enterprise packages. Prices for these are available on request. There is an option to suit all individuals and businesses! Before investing in a tailor-made package, establish what you need from streaming software. For example, how many hours do you retire at one time, how big is your audience, and how much storage do you need?  

Custom: features every Business-Pro does plus: 

  • More storage options – tell us what you require  
  • Teams feature with dedicated accounts 
  • evmux Player – more viewer options available  
  • Uptime SLA features 
  • Customer success resources 

All our Enterprise packages are custom-made and tailored to your exact needs. To illustrate the differences, they include but aren’t limited to the following:  

  • Access to a dedicated support manager 
  • Training and onboarding are available 
  • Evmux Squads 
  • Cross-Broadcast templates 
  • Live support chat is available 
  • Unlimited recording software storage options 
  • White Glove solutions 
  • Concurrent broadcasts 

How to Begin Your EVmux Journey  

Once you’ve picked the perfect package, it’s easy to start! As soon as you’ve been onboarded, set up your broadcasts and consider yourself officially part of the EVmux family!  

To ensure you make the most of your journey and chosen subscription, watch the handy online guides, such as how to go live on Twitch on PC or everything you need to know about kick streaming. Now, you’re ready to start creating exceptional content!  

Ready to Experience EVmux? 

To learn more about this top tool, head to the EVmux website today. There’s no need to sign up for a paid package straight away; try it before you buy with a free trial. This will give you insight into how EVmux works, allowing you to transform your local ISO recordings into next-level productions. The result? Quality, pristine audio recording sets, whether you’re live streaming or crafting pre-recorded content. 

Want to share the content you create with fellow creators or have a question about this platform?  

Visit our site and leave a comment. In the meantime, happy creating! 

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