Introducing Evmux: A Simpler Alternative to OBS Studio

OBS Studio is popular but complex for live streaming. Enter Evmux, a web-based tool offering OBS-like features without the hassle.

Key Benefits of Evmux:

  • Web-Based Convenience: No downloads required. Works on any computer with a web browser.
  • Resource Efficiency: Stream in 1080p on entry-level computers without quality loss.
  • Easy Guest Invites: Invite guests with a single link, no software needed.
  • Resilient Streaming: Keeps your stream running even if your computer crashes.
  • Customization: Create custom scenes, add branding, share screens, and more with Pro Scenes.

Evmux provides robust features and ease of use, ideal for streamers seeking simplicity without sacrificing quality. Try it out for free at

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LAS Curry

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