8 Game-Changing Streaming Software Choices For Modern Content Creators In 2024

Digital creators are all the rage these days. Whether creating marketing content for a product launch, personal content for your brand, or discussing the latest news topics via broadcasting software, live streaming is proving to be one of the biggest mediums for contemporary creators. To put this into perspective, the creator economy boasts over 162 million amateur content creators, with an impressive 46.7% of individuals identifying as full-time content creators and 42.7% stating they are part-timers.  

Being able to broadcast in real-time is an asset to those wishing to touch audiences across the globe, thus building a community with viewers, clients, and potential subscribers or followers. However, even if you have the best content to showcase, without the best streaming software, you’ll struggle to release it into the digital world. This is when choosing the correct streaming software comes in, but how do you know which one is right for you?  

Any video producer or gamer has to make a crucial choice when selecting their streaming software. With so many choices, it’s critical to take into account a number of important aspects to make sure the software you select fits your unique requirements and objectives. Compatibility, first and foremost, with your operating system and hardware is critical. Optimizing performance requires a smooth interaction between your hardware and the streaming software, regardless of whether you’re streaming from a powerful gaming PC or a specialized streaming setup. Seek for streaming software that has an easy-to-use interface with possibilities for customization and simple controls so you can create professional-looking streams without having to deal with extra effort. 

In addition, user interface and convenience of use are important factors when choosing streaming software. As content creators, it is not your place to struggle with intricate technological interfaces; instead, you should concentrate on producing engaging content. 

In this handy guide, we discuss the ins and outs of the various software options available, assisting you in making an informed decision when picking your perfect streaming companion. Read on to discover more.  

1. Evmux Streaming Software 

live streaming software 

This powerful streaming software creates a world where anyone, irrespective of geographical location, can create breathtaking streaming experiences. All without having to invest in expensive equipment or learn expert AV skills. The best part? This content can be created at the touch of a button. 

This web-based live streaming software boasts efficient and easy-to-use live editors, which means you can edit in real-time.  

Additional features:  

  • Content can be fully branded, recorded, and downloaded.  
  • For each guest, you can split audio and video downloads. This ensures a seamless post-production editing experience.  
  • Multi-stream to various social platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and others.  
  • Choose from various remote guests, backgrounds, and overlays. 
  • Effortlessly create bespoke scenes in advance using the user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. 
  • Communicate with on-stage speakers via the Push-to-Talk feature. 


Choose from individual or business plans and free, basic, and pro options. Basic starts at $19 per month. Pro is priced at $39 per month. 

2. Riverside Streaming Software 

Riverside Streaming Software

Riverside offers you the best of both worlds. Whether live streaming on Riverside’s platform or other major platforms, you’re privy to a local recording of your broadcast in HD format. The best part? You can record and initiate live streaming without investing in an encoder.  

Another benefit to Riverside? It boasts multiple inputs, meaning you can share your camera and screen simultaneously. In addition, it boasts local recording abilities, which makes it an ideal option for those wishing to record guests on a separate track. Riverside allows seven remote guests and supports various streaming platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter. The possibilities don’t end there; additional social platforms can be integrated via custom RTMP. 

Noteworthy Features:  

  • Riverside’s virtual streaming soundboard allows for mixing in real-time 
  • Audiences can benefit from live streaming software such as chat and live call-in features 
  • Riverside’s text-based editor makes editing your recording a walk in the park. 


This versatile, web-based platform boasts various plans, including a free and paid-for version, which starts at just $15 per month. 

3. Streamlabs OBS/Desktop  

Streamlabs OBS 

This cloud-based streaming software boasts a more user-friendly version of the original OBS Studio streaming software. It is considered one of the best streaming software for YouTube. As well as multiple inputs, it allows for local recording and the portion to record guests, provided you do so via Discord or Skype.  

This is an ideal option for those who use Apple devices, as it supports Mac OS. In addition, it’s compatible with Twitch, Facebook and YouTube. The latter is one of the most popular platforms. To put this into perspective, over 300,000 YouTube channels boast at least 100,000 subscribers. When your channel reaches this status, YouTube considers you worthy of providing you with a partner manager to assist in your future growth. When you upgrade to a Prime membership, you’re privy to multi-stream options.   

Noteworthy features:  

  • You benefit from selective recording, meaning you select which sources appear in your recorded video or live stream.  
  • When you customize your layout, you benefit from a personalized user interface. 
  • For single monitors, you can take advantage of game overlay. 
  • This platform also offers a replay buffer.  
  • You can benefit from various plugins and add-ons, all of which can be downloaded from a bespoke App Store. 
  • This software boasts the option to back up recordings to the Cloud 
  • When multi-steaming, you’re privy to aggregated chat features. 
  • As well as custom templates and overlays, there are monetization options.  


This free streaming software offers a Free & Open source option. In addition, a Prime Membership, which costs $19 per month. 

4. OBS studio – ‘Open Broadcaster Software’ 

This versatile, user-friendly streaming software boasts a simple yet effective platform to stream various content. It’s compatible with several operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Linux, and boasts multiple inputs. In addition, it offers numerous local recording features and allows for guest speakers. To use this, you need to use call software, such as Skype or Zoom. This software supports various live-stream platforms with multi-streaming features.  

Additional Features:  

  • There is no limit on custom transitions or scene quantities  
  • This software allows you to embrace audio and video mixing in real-time. This comprises text, images, and capture cards, to name a few options. 
  • The ability to tailor OBS to your channel. 
  • An audio mixer with intuitive features, including built-in noise suppression and gain.  
  • Compatible with Chrome key 
  • The ability to customize your set-up via modular ‘Dock’ UI 


This software is free & open-source software. On this version, no premium options exist.  

5. Twitch Studio  

This streaming software was created for Twitch users and content creators in the Beta phase. It’s compatible with both Mac and Windows, making it one of the most versatile choices for contemporary content creators. Regarding multiple inputs, Twitch offers various audio options and the ability to record local streams.  

The Squad Stream is an asset to stream content with guests. Why? It allows you to go live with four additional creators. 

In regards to how to stream on Twitch, simply click on your profile icon, which sits in the top left corner, then tap Go Live! button. This will enable you to commence your first stream. 

Additional features:  

  • Green screen and scene transitions. 
  • The option to customize your stream with overlays and layouts. 
  • When sharing on your screen, you can do so via your iPad or iPhone. 
  • Configuration is a walk in the park and can be completed through a guided onboarding process. 
  • Twitch chat, alerts, and activity feeds are built-in additions.  


This Twitch-friendly streaming software is free of charge if you’re already using the Twitch platform. If you’re unsure how to stream on Twitch PC, various handy online tutorials are available.  

6. X-Split Broadcaster Streaming Software 

X-Split Broadcaster Streaming Software

This prevalent streaming software is another ideal option for the contemporary content creator, especially if you’re looking for a Windows-friendly option. It boasts numerous inputs and it’s compatible with various sources. In addition, it allows you to embrace local recording with multitrack audio. This streaming software allows guests to use it, but only when used with video or audio call software such as Discord.  

Other benefits? Its ability to work in harmony with various live stream platforms. It can also simultaneously multistream to major platforms. 

Notable features:  

  • You can stream and record without experiencing any unwanted lag, all in 4k. 
  • Both branded elects and transitions are available. 
  • You can take advantage of live illustrations. 
  • Benefit from a bespoke interface that ensures a heightened user experience. 
  • Social media chat integration is available through various channels. These include YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.  
  • Numerous scene presets are available with this streaming software package. 
  • The option to embrace Automated noise suppression.   


This snazzy, user-friendly streaming software solution can be purchased for a yearly fee of $60.  

7. Wirecast Streaming Software 

This tech-savvy streaming software provider is compatible with the two most prevalent operating systems: Windows and Mac. In addition, you can embrace various outputs, which equates to unlimited inputs. This software solution allows you to stream and record and offers ISO recording features, meaning you can record each input into a solo recording. 

As for guests, with (the Studio Plan, you can stream with two others, and with the Pro Plan, an impressive seven guests. This is all provided you use t6e Wirecast Rendezvous Conferencing features.  

Another benefit? With multistreaming, unlimited destinations are applicable with the supported live-stream platforms.  

Notable Features:  

  • When you invest in the Pro Plan package, you’re privy to scoreboards, replay, clocks, and timers. 
  • You can select media from Wirecast’s handy media stock library or embrace pre-recorded content in your live stream.  
  • There is the option to take advantage of the wireless camera app, which is free to download and ensures any iOS device can be used as a video source. 
  • You can benefit from a flexible user interface. 
  • This streaming software is compatible with Chroma Key. 
  • To ensure maximum streaming quality, Wirecast boasts high-end encoding features.  
  • Popular social platforms, including Twitter and Facebook Live, can easily be integrated. This allows you to display comments on your live stream. These comprise live polls and viewer counts.  


This game-changing streaming software is one of the more expensive to make our lists and starts at $599 for the Wirecast Studio Plan. For the Wirecast Pro Plan, this increases to $799.  

8. Lightstream Studio Streaming Software 

This web-browser-based streaming software boasts numerous inputs and unlimited outlets. It allows you to both stream and record and offers ISO recording. This means solo inputs can be recorded. When you choose the Creator Plan, you can include seven guests overall. Another benefit? Light Stream Studio supports various live stream platforms, including all major outlets. One includes custom RTMP.   

Additional features:  

  • The ability to create an Optimized audience experience through interactive widgets and alerts.  
  • Imported usability through a flexible user interface.  
  • Various branded overlays.  


Various pricing options are available. These comprise Gamer (console streams with overlays and alerts), which starts at $7 per month and boasts a maximum resolution of 720p (30FPS) or $14 per month, featuring a maximum resolution of 1080p (30FPS). 

The additional package is Creator Streaming Software, which is suited to those wishing to embrace advanced live video production. Prices for this version start at $20 per month and feature a maximum resolution of 720p (30FPS), or for $40 per month, a maximum resolution of 1080p (30FPS). 

The Bottom Line 

Numerous streaming services are available, all offering different options, benefits, and assets. From free, easy-to-use platforms to premium packages suited to pro content creators, there is a streaming software solution to suit everyone.  

When considering the options available, factor in your budget, your experience, the additional tools you wish to combine with the streaming services, and whether or not you will be streaming content with guests. Factoring in the above and following the suggested tips will ensure you choose the correct software. The result? You can create content on the go. Anywhere you please, whether at home or abroad. A bonus?  

You can tailor it to your audience and your streaming preferences! 

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